Grain Coolers and Air Handling Units, like any other electromechanical equipment, need regular attention and preventive maintenance. The client’s technician, trained by Cool Seed for this purpose, can perform some services. Other more complex services must be executed by specialized technicians, whether outsourced or from our own team.

The lack of care or periodic preventive maintenance may cause serious problems to the equipment, such as performance decrease, malfunction, premature wear of components and reduced tool life. This equipment belong to three major areas of engineering knowledge: electro-electronics, cooling and metal-mechanics. However, their maintenance is simple, consists essentially in cleaning filters and coils with water and neutral detergent and reclosing the electrical terminals At least once or twice a year we recommend a general overhaul, with a specialist from Cool Seed or from our service network, to ensure that the equipment is working in perfect order during the harvest or when it is required.


Another common problem that usually happens at crop peaks is the under voltage of the electricity grid and, since this equipment is composed of refrigeration systems, they should not operate on voltage levels below 5%. Protection systems avoid subjecting compressors to risks and automatically shut down the entire assembly, but it is always advisable to take preventive measures and avoid exposing this equipment to irregular operating conditions.


Cool Seed focuses on the satisfaction of our customers and counts on a team of experienced technicians, employees or outsourced. Our operation area covers all Latin America. Our team is formed with Portuguese and Spanish speaking staff, in  order to simplify communication with our clients.